Build a page from Figma

Hey Forum,

I’m looking to have a page built from a Figma design. Thing is, It’s dynamic meaning that I want to be able to edit the content from another page. It’s already built, but it needs to be updated with the new design.

I’m looking to pay around $35 per hour for this.

Can anyone do this for me?

All the best,

Hey Benjamin !

You’re in luck, Nocodable Components just launched it’s new service.

If you already have a Figma mockup, then we should get in touch ! I’m sending you an MP :slight_smile:

PS : Thanks @georgecollier for the ping ! :slight_smile:

Hi Benjamin. I just sent you a DM. Looking forward to a chat :slight_smile:

I have expertise in replicating figma designs to the Bubble platform
Would love to jump on this project
I will send you a DM now and share some of my past works.

Also @adamtossell recently launched his Figma to Bubble service:


Hey everyone,

So a few people reached out to me about this. Thank you!

I am asking if anyone can do that AND has an agency account?

Let me know :slight_smile:


Why do you prefer, let alone insist on, an agency account? Did an agency build your site?

no, lol. I dont want to upgrade my account to add a collaborator. : )

Hi, I’m interested and I have an agency account.
I just sent you a direct message. Thanks!

Hey @nexushealing !

If you still need help with any future conversion to Bubble from Figma, my studio specializes in that area.

You can also find more here of my Bubble studio - TinyBuild Studio | Figma to Bubble

Also, you can peek at some templates we’ve put together here: Template Store