Is there someone to help me move Figma files to Bubble?

I have 6 pages of a simple static website designed on Figma. I would like to create them on Bubble. Please DM if you are willing to do this for me quickly.


DMed you. Pls check.

kindly check your DM

hi @geofundforhumanity

I have sent you private message with the details.

if you are still looking for the help, than kindly check and let me know


Hello @geofundforhumanity
Please check your DM

Hello Just checking in
I s the job still available?
I have experience replicating figma designs to
if possible i could share you some of my previous works

Hello @geofundforhumanity

I’m Bubble Developer&Designer with more than 5 years of experience. I can offer for you a nice: UI/UX , Website design, DB, Responsev… etc.

Thanks in Advance!!!