Build a search engine that seeks out the best Match

Im seeking to build a search engine on bubble that can find the best match for recruiters / companies looking to fill positions. I have seen the templates for recruiters on here but Im looking to just have a simple customer facing search engine where a company can plug in keywords and in the back end a list is compiled to provide the best possible candidates


@anthonyschafer we can help. Sending you a PM

Interesting and thoughtful response. I’ll go a little deeper and this should help you creatively think more about this solution Id like to build. Id like for companies or recruiters to seek out experts very specific to the IT industry, software. Id like for them to ask for as an example …(Salesforce Apex developer) or (Oracle Database Developer). From there a short list or possible candidates are provided based off their search. If they would like to see page 2,3,4 etc etc they need to upgrade to see the rest of those pages…Make sense?

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Do you have the Bubble app already and just need the search functionality built?