My first Bubble app, πŸš€ - AI-Powered Job Matching

Check out my new web app! - helps job seekers find their dream jobs by chatting with an AI chat-bot that makes recommendations based on their interests, past job experiences, and job role desires.

:robot: Chat with our AI chat-bot to receive job field recommendations, and search for local or remote jobs.
:mag: You can also search manually, without AI assistance.

:computer: Employers can post remote jobs to our Featured Remote Jobs page.
:mechanical_arm: Featured Remote Jobs are all available for anyone to browse on the Featured Remote Jobs page, and they also show up in Users’ remote search results when they match their Job Fields.

Thanks so much to the Bubble team for your incredible tools and documentation, and thanks to everyone in the community for your amazing videos, helpful posts and replies everywhere on the forum.

I can’t believe what I was able to achieve with Bubble! I’ve learned so much building this first app!

Please let me know if you have any questions about the app, or if you have any suggestions for it!