Build dynamic form


I wanna ask if someone knew how to build a form that contains: a dropdown list to display all countries after the user choose the dropdown cities will be filled automatically by the cities of the selected country.

Thank you for helping me


You can define a custom state on the group that holds all the input. Let’s say this is group A for ‘selected country’ (text). When the country drop down changes set this custom state to the name of the country.

Define a constraint on the dynamic options of the cities drop down: where country name = group A’s selected country (which is the custom state)

Already we can create dynamic dropdown list that you can display all countries or regions, languages, currencies…
I need to display all countries (see like I didi in the screenshot) then the dropdown for cities will be filled automatically when the country dropdown is filled.

For a much better approach to entering addresses, see:

Explanation here:

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