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Building dynamic form


I’m building dynamic form something like this.

Which means that according to chosen option (4 options from dropdown or radio button ) in the first step it will show/trigger specific form (question) in the second step/form (and save the value to the database) and so on…
Changes between steps/forms I’m thinking to do with custom states.
My idea was to do it through workflow (if chosen first option than show group A is chosen second option than show group B) but radiobuttons neither dropdown support this option.

Does somebody have some elegant idea how to handle this task?

I’m pretty new in bubble so I would like to know opinion from more advanced users.

Thank you so much in advance!

You can also use conditionnal on group. If Dropdown value is … This element is visible.

And yes, it’s possible to do that with workflow or state. Using “An input value is changed” trigger

  1. Let say I have in dropdown : 1) yes
    2) no
    3) not sure
    But how can I select "dropdown value is ‘2) no’ " when bubble is not giving me an option for what has been chosen.

2.“An input value is changed” count just with two options(not 3 or more) “An input value is changed and value is not changed”… instead of "An input value is changed to ‘2) no’ "

Btw my plan B is to use buttons with a trigger for a certain group instead of dropdown or radiobuttons…

I think you need to understand how thing work in bubble like condition and input.

The first this is that When input value is changed… this is a trigger. This doesn’t have any content itself. You need to use Only when to set a condition like: when dropdown’s value is “yes”. After selecting value, click on “more” to be able to select options “is” and manually enter “yes”
You need to do one workflow for each possible dropdown value.

But instead, you should use condition on the element you want to display when “yes” is selected.
In conditionnal, you use the same conditon: If dropdown’s value is “yes”. this element is visible. for an example using condition

Yes, you are right I need to more understand condition and Input. :sweat_smile:

After you explanation it’s make more sense to me :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you for your time!

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