Build JSON Array from Thing and Referenced List of Things and Post to External Endpoint


I have been really struggling finding a way to build a JSON out of a Thing, where the Thing references a list of other Things. Essentially this is what I want…

Building a JSON of THING A and then sending that JSON to an external endpoint to handle.

“Thing A Field 1” : “Thing A Field 1 Value”,
“Thing A Field 2” : “Thing A Field 2 Value”,
“Thing A Field 3 (List of Thing Bs)”:[{“Thing B1 Field 1”:“Thing B1 Field 1 Value”, “Thing B1 Field 2”:“Thing B1 Field 2 Value”,“Thing B1 Field 3 (List of Thing Cs)”:[{…}]}, {“Thing B2 Field 1”:“Thing B2 Field 1 Value”, “Thing B2 Field 2”:“Thing B2 Field 2 Value”,“Thing B2 Field 3 (List of Thing Cs)”:[{…}]}]

And then POST this JSON externally using an API connector.

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

Thank you!!

Hey @bhage,

We made JSONator to do just that - take Bubble lists and convert them into JSON arrays. :wink:

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Hi @copilot, I can see only those plugins right now. Can you confirm?
I can see your link above.

Hey @JohnMark,

Bubble may be experiencing some issues, so try again soon. Keep in the loop! :smirk:

@emmanuel @josh

Two plugins are not available from the plugins list.

and this one.

@copilot I got the plugin downloaded but I cannot seem to be able to submit the JSON via API Plugin…

I used the “body” for json, or do I just use a field parameter?

Thank you!

@copilot i got the workflow to work but the referenced items are not in there. The Array is basically empty. It did not build a JSON with the details from the referenced things. Just says


Hi @bhage,

The plugin handles taking a Thing or Things and turning it into a JSON Object or Array. The application of the plugin is on you. If you can reliably reproduce a bug, let us know at :+1:

@bhage, yet another alternative is Toolbox, some working examples:

client side …
server side …
editor …


Thank you @mishav I really appreciate it!

Hi @copilot

I am facing an issue with Jsonator plugin.

It is unable to convert the list of things to JSON since past 10 days.

It shows below error.


Can you please have a look at this ?

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Hi @sam2 and @copilot. I’ve also been receiving this error for several days.