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I’m very much new to bubble. I currently passing some data in through an iframe using postMessage. This data comes in as json. I wondered if there is any way to convert this json into an object (i think they are called things) similar to the way that the API connector plug in returns from an api. So that someone else writing an app in bubble, could just select properties of that thing in workflows that occur after the postMessage is received.

I would like to give someone the option to choose the data from an option like below to choose the data from the received postMessage:

I am currently able to get a result by:
But I dont think this is very helpful for non-coders, and would like them to just choose the properties, rather than learn json :slight_smile:

Is there a plugin that I’m missing? The json plugins I’ve seen seem to be all about converting from a thing, to json not the other way around. I have no need to store this transient information and would like to try and do this all clientside.

Kind regards and thanks


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