Build Signup / Login without using Bubble builtin functionality?


Does any one know if it’s possible to build the Signup / Login functionality without using the Signin /Login built in by Bubble? Currently when you use the built in functionality by Bubble we as Product Admins can login in as any user through “Run as” in the data settings.

I don’t want Admins to be able to “Run as” any user and thought maybe if a create a new custom database table for the user I will avoid the “Run as” option. Is this possible?


You can use the Data Layer plugin. It connects with Firebase and allows you to do the registration and login with Firebase at blazing speed.

Thanks for the quick reply @nocodeventure.

Although I am looking for an option using the Bubble built in database. Is this possible?

If you have a certain plan you can add collaborators and block them from accessing the database section.

I want them to access the database section in case they need to change the structure but I don’t want them to “Run as” any user.

The data in the database is encrypted and I don’t want any admin access to the data, but if the admin does the “Run as” then they would have access to the data through the UI and encrypting the data would be pointless.

Thats the reason I don’t want the the “Run as” accesible.

Ooo, that’s interesting ! Must have a look at that. Do you just need the plugin ?

You could possibly run some sort of “blacklist” against admin users. Would be tricky though.

+1 for the idea. Ask Bubble to add it ?

It should work with the plugin only. @PWC is the author.

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Oh, very interesting. Do you happen to know if this will work with Social logins, too? So, login with Facebook and Google with Firebase?

I don’t know :slight_smile: