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Sign a user up but don't log them in

I am creating an admin page where I have the ability to create new users (when I onboard certain customers, I don’t want them to have to create an account the way my regular users do as they are a different type of user). I put their email in and create a generic password for them. Based on the way I understand bubble, I need to sign the user up in order for their password to be saved to the user record. But when I sign the user up, it logs them in and I get logged out from my admin account. Is there a way to sign the user up without logging them in?

Another option would be is if I can create the user with email only and then when they go to the log in page, they type in their email and then when the put in a password of their choosing, it updates the existing customer record. Is that doable if the first paragraph is not?



Wow. I read through that list and just didn’t register that option clearly. I’ve been building in bubble for almost a year now. Should definitely have known this. My bad. Thanks a lot.

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