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I have decided to make a Discord channel for all things Bubble related. I use it enough where-as I feel it may be an awesome thing to have real-time chats with other Bubblers and developers.

The Discord channel is open to the public for everyone (that is a part of the Bubble Ecosystem ideally).

Find other people just you that you can collaborate with, or come on and try to help others. I have built various channels where you should be able to find what you’re looking for whether you’re a regular builder, or a plugin developer.

Builders, developers, and Bubble team are always welcome!

Link: BubbleAppolis Discord

I am looking for beta users that want to test out the services I will be offering very soon. Testers will get:

  • Lifetime supply of credit intake for my applications (nothing crazy but enough to give you incentive)
  • Lifetime title in community

For more information please join the Discord and let me know you’re interested.


Just FYI, you guys are always free to come rant about how cough “awesome” Bubble servers are in here as well! :slight_smile:

Some news:

  • We are branching out soon!
  • API systems almost functional - I have been building an API system. I will not go in depth but there is some teasers and news about it on the Discord channel.
  • New service announcement in two weeks - I have been building out an application for the past few weeks that will be dedicated on one thing: Making things easier for us builders.
  • Plugins page now has all our plugins on it. Filtering and more accessibility will be added as well (only me working on front-end/app right now).
  • Guides, blog posts, and services are ready to be populated.


BuildAppolis is dedicated to being community-orientated and focused on two goals:

  1. Building great things
  2. Help you find your soulmate Remove the “I” in team

Since 2024, we have released 5 new plugins! Woohoo!

Expect a lot more news to appear here as the Community-led Agency has more a lot more coming.

Are you interested in something different? Let me know. There is much more to come throughout the year!


Hey friends! We’re growing every day. Just making an update here to let you know we have also added some new categories in our server that can open you up to more possible alternatives for your application. Bubble shouldn’t be the only tool you know, right? So jump in and see what’s possible.

As we progress, we will be adding more and more resources and tools that you can utilize every day.

All new members are treated with respect and get the same focus as anyone else.