Chat with other bubble users? Live help and collaboration

Hey guys,

Thanks for a great platform. I see the platform moving along but I think the community can grow even faster with some moe real time communication.
Many development communities, platforms etc. are letting its users chat via free services like or
I think a more alive and REAL-TIME community would be able to let new users feel welcome and thus better adopt the platform, experiment more and be more encouraged to get feedback and release real-world (paying) applications

Thus the forum should not be forgotten, there should be set some guidelines to what should be posted in the forums to be searchable.

See the example communities:

Why reactiflux chose discord:

Anyone else whom thinks this is a good idea to build a stronger and more alive community?


Or something like slack maybe?

We’re open to the idea, let’s see what everybody says here. My experience is that for in depth questions, the forum is probably better, but we could introduce something more live if others are interested.

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I think it would be a good idea. i’ve never used those other websites mentioned but I think it could be valuable in terms of being able to be in touch on a more consistent basis but it would need a security feature to not allow just “free roam” of people pm’ing eachother. just my 2 cents…

You guys should definitely create a sub-Reddit at least. There’s nothing stopping users from doing it themselves, anyway. You should do it before someone else does so you can moderate it. If the product becomes big enough, someone will make a sub-Reddit. Users could also create their own Skype groups for live interaction.

While we’re on the subject, I really think you guys should create a YouTube video course that shows the basics or even better, advanced topics. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, afterall. So you can kill two birds with one stone. You picked a pretty common word as your name, so you’re going to have to work a bit harder to stand out.

We already have sour videos on Vimeo, but it could make sense to keep our Youtube channel up to date. We’ll look into it.

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I like this idea. I think it will be quite useful for the Bubble community as a resource for simple questions that don’t warrant new threads.

I went ahead and created:

@emmanuel, @Bubble Let me know if you would like this taken down and/or transferred to you. I’m just a big fan of Bubble, and think this is a big value add.

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This is great! Let’s see how it goes. I like the forum because I feel like it’s more searchable and create a knowledge base, but very happy to see users on Slack as well.

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Did you open it? Is it public?

Yes, I created it:

How do I make it public? Does it need to be a paid account to allow guest sign ins?

I’m not a slack expert to be honest. I tried to sign up and couldn’t :frowning:

I’m no pro either, but Slack seems to be better for teams that share the same email. Per the suggestion above let’s try Discord.

Since it’s private, I believe admins of the slack account would have to invite others to join. I’m not familiar with Slack, but I would use it if it didn’t require manual invites.

Hey Guys,

Original poster here, havent been in the forum for some time so therefore didnt manage to push forward on this but great to see others doing it. Slack is great (I use it everyday, and the adding of users could easily be automated) but it`s very costly if you want to store messages thus the community might self-implode. Many big communities have made this mistake. Ref:

I`ve been in dialogue with one developer in the Discord reactiflux channel whom after our discussions is working on a better log integration and static searchable logs from Discord that can be indexed by search engines as well. This to come.

I was planning to push forward using discord and would be happy if CSblack would add me as an admin there as well. Of course @emmanuel and others should manage it too but would be nice to have some community stakeholders as well.

Looking forward to seeing the community grow, as we test discord a little forward and see it working fine, @emmanuel & co should after some time consider peering existing and new potential users / customers to the chat. An alive and instant community very often contributes to a projects health and growth.

So please let`s discuss here in the forum with @emmanuel how should we structure the sub-channels in Discord.
What are the things that should be separated and that people want to discuss or need help with. Let me come with some preliminary suggestions before we set anything up other than the #general channel.

#rules (Not possible for chat, chat disabled. Only lists rules as sticky)
#news (Not possible for chat, chat disabled. Only lists latest news, updates or blogposts from bubble.)
#general (A place for general discussions about bubble, news, progress, welcome new users etc.)
#help (A place to get help building your bubble app and help others)
#blockspring (A place to discuss approaches, issues and blockspring in general)
#playground (A place for people doing experimental things with bubble)

In the future when more matured it would be great to have a channel for stronger technical professionals to discuss bubble in production and other deep technical discussions. And one channel where regular users can get in touch with professionals to pay for getting help with building their bubble app.


I see the appeal of live chat, in the spirit of IRC channels for say Rails. There are few use cases that live chat covers that might be better served than a forum. But then again, we are very responsive on the forum, and for emergencies there’s always support@

Having a searchable Forum is absolutely critical for all users, and presents in-depth topics better. It’s almost the same as StackOverflow, and we know it often helped the community find answers without even asking - search is pretty awesome :smile:

I’ll try to be available on the discord channel whenever possible.


I totally agree @georgeciobanu , search is awesome, I think searchable chatlogs from Discord could in the future also prove useful to find quick fixes etc. that has already been discussed.

You should download the discord windows app, makes it much more available.

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Done. Thank you!

@Gurun I like where you’re head is at.

Hopefully this doesn’t distract from the forum, because I can definitely appreciate the desire to keep topics, help in particular, searchable.


@csblack thanks, and I agree. The way we can secure that it does not distract the forum is by specifying rules in the chat that will be enforced by the leading community members, and thereafter encouraging posting in the forum after a qualified issue is resolved through discussions.
The single posts of a resolved issue could be posted with a separate tag in the forum: (Resolutions)
The (Resolutions) tagged posts can be hidden from the Frontpage (Latest) on by using the Suppressed categories feature in the forum software (discourse).

@georgeciobanu @emmanuel What do you guys think about posting new posts in the forum which is final resolutions to issues discussed in the chat. They should be short and concise and hidden from the main page but visible in search. If you think this is a good idea, then create a new tag in the forum called (resolutions(?)). And change the settings in discourse to suppress this tag from being visible on frontpage (Latest).

If there are no users available to answer the user asking for help or to contribute immediately, he should be encouraged to post it to the forum.

The resolved issue forum post should specify.
Problem: (problemcontent)
Important points: (important discussion points)
Solution: (description of solution)

Also we could have a bot that notifies the channel of new forum posts under (Help). Using a feed like:

In this way we bridge the chat and forum activity to be synergistic.

Hey guys,

Is the discord chat still active? (invite expired)
I have a question about API connector, i’m such a noobie I don’t know where to start :frowning:


I feel as if bubble should have a full support discord where bubble could have a huge support team that can help with loads of problems.