Building a Flexibility Assessment App

Like the title says I am a personal trainer looking to optimize and automate my workflow by creating a flexibility assessment app.

How I want this to look:

The user will be given a video tutorial that demonstrates a functional movement. Users will then be prompted to attempt the movement themselves. Once they are finished with the movement they will answer questions pertaining to the quality and sensation of the movement (survey, checklist or radio buttons). Based upon their answers a mobility/stretching routine will be delivered to them which will directly address their movement deficiencies.

How would you go about creating this in bubble?

I have started with just a page outline with a video and questions pertaining to the movement. I have no idea how I can tie the user’s answer to a database of appropriate exercises and then generate a personalized mobility or workout routine. I am assuming I need to build my database of exercises and typically responses to movement tests.

So if someone answers “tight hamstrings” the app will know to assign them a hamstring stretch and not a shoulder stretch.

Thanks in advance!

Bit of a broad question but I’d suggest listing out all questions in the database, and add a category or ‘tag’ to each question or answer (hamstrings, tight shoulder, etc).

Once they finish the quiz, you can use the answers with the tags to recommend the exercises.

If you be a little more specific I can definitely help you out.

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