Help on Personal Training app

I was checking for features and it seemed quite promising but I can’t wrap my head around how to create an app to manage a personal training business. If anybody here has any insights, examples or ideas on how to implement the following I will be very grateful.
I need to be able to have different clients sign up, enter some personal data (name, age, weight,…), and have onboarding forms for the clients to fill (PAR-Q, habits & objectives).
I want the app very calendar focused so I would need to have a library of exercises with images, video links, descriptions, and notes. From those exercises, I would be able to group them by workouts and create a template that I would ‘clone’ and assign to a specific client on her/his calendar. I would also need to assign ‘generic’ events to the client calendar like: take measurements, weight-ins, and live calls.
The client would have a ‘personal dashboard’ where she/he would overview the training program on a list form or calendar form and also track progress (weight, measurements…) and be able to open each workout and after completion mark them as complete and take some notes or input some other data for each.
I have more features that I would like to implement later, but to start the latter features would be a good start.
I don’t think I can have users and assign them different content on Bubble.
Any insights on how to achieve this with any help or direction is very appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi Vanzza, welcome to the forum!

Here’s a playlist building a fitness app - Build a Mobile Fitness App with - Pt 1 Mobile Menu Tutorial - YouTube that sounds somewhat similar to what you’re aiming to achieve.

Granted, it was built before Bubble released the new responsive engine but it should give you an idea what’s possible.

The route forward sounds like:

(1) Determine the UX/UI of your app by finding similar example apps
(2) Combine a course like the above with a course on the responsive engine
(3) Create your punch list of features to build and begin building

You can have users and assign them different content on Bubble. I’m building platform for a marketing agency owner right now where we assign various tasks to his clients within the platform. Sounds like in your case it’s a matter of assigning things (classes to watch, tasks to perform like weigh-ins, etc) based on dates that show up within a client dashboard. Happy to chat more if you think it’d help.

@joemanier thank you very much, I´ll explore the playlist and update the post on the project progression.

Hi @Vanzza how are you getting on with things?

Hi @joemanier I’m getting on slowly. I took a step back to get into the no code developer mindset. I’m doing some bubble academy trainings to understand what info I need to take notes on paper and how to structure a app where I can add features later and avoid having to redo everything to add a new functionality. Then I’ll dig deep into the playlist. Only having the weekends free It will take me some time but I’ll get there.

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