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Building a planning app : how to retrieve days from calendar?

Disclaimer: I’m french, so I may make some spelling and grammar errors

Hi Bubble community,

First, thank you to the creators of Bubble, I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to create an app without code!

I’m trying to build an app where an admin will be able to create a planning for a team with:

  • constraints known
  • constraints given by users in his team.

The first problem I’m facing is that I want to retrieve all days between 2 dates that the admin enters. The longest option I see is to rebuild a calendar in the database, but is there any simpler solution?
I tried to use FullCalendar but I wasn’t able to find anything in bubble to do that.

Do you know a simpler solution?


What are you trying to do with these days between the 2 dates? What would be the workflow after having these days?

My idea is:

  1. I ask an admin to create a planning with a begin date and an end date
  2. I ask users from a team (linked to the planning) to give me their constraints (numbers of hours working in a month, date they cannot work…)
  3. I make a workflow with all of that + structural constraints (2 people working on week-day, 1 people on week-ends…)

To do that, I was looking to create a background workflow to run on a specific date (is this possible by the way?). The workflow will count the number of week-days and week-ends, apply my structural constraints and then apply my team’s contraint.

Do you think this is possible with Bubble?

So we don’t support scheduled workflows yet, but usually you can have them triggered by a user event or an admin event and that just works.

Beside that, what you’re trying to do seems very doable on Bubble.

Thanks emmanuel.
To go back to my first question, how do you think I can retrieve all the days between 2 dates?

You can create a text box that subtracts one date from another and returns the number of days for example.


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