How to add an event to FULL CALENDER plugin

I am making a planning app and I need for the users to be able to add different events to each day. could I please have some help doing this as I am new to using bubble.


Hey did you find a way how to assign value on it ?!

unfortunatally not

Hi - I have an app that uses the calendar plugin so I thru together a quick prototype. This may help you.

Thanks its really helpful, but what about if someone wants to search for this event (User) how someone can search between the range of dates ( starting and ending )
EX. now I’m straggling with when User submit the date to start work for example 20 of July he is available up to 3 months automatically ( User only submit a single (starting) date) and when company start searching for the user, company need to be able to search this User on 20th of July and also 21th, 22th, 23th … up to 3 month…
I was trying to do something like to add the days in search so that if the company searched July 30th, the search does a min of July 30th -15 days and a max of July 30th + 15 days which will capture this user
if its make sence

@valeri.kopaleishvili - at the link posted above, I updated the proto to enable filtering by “start date” and “end date”. Hope this helps.