Building a text result for an API from a number of input fields

Hi Team,

I have a POST API call that requires specific text on different lines.

I have to collect these lines of data from several text inputs and then put them together (on different lines) ready to send to the API.

The inputs are like this:

Then when the use hits create lead I need to submit to the API like this:

FieldName#1: Value of text input #1
FieldName#2: Value of text input #2
FieldName#3: Value of text input #3
FieldName#4: Value of text input #4
FieldName#5: Value of text input #5

So, for this example:
First Name: John
Last Name: Smith
Test Lead #1: Some data 1
Test Lead #2: Some data 2

I have no idea how to go about building the text result on each line.


Cheers, Kurt

Text concatenation in Bubble is just building the expressions one after another.

Input 1’s value Input 2’s value etc

I can happily concatenate the “FieldName” and “Input Value” of any one text input (using “first item”, “last item” or “item#” but how do I do it for a series of inputs? If I try “each items . . .” I get each field name containing the values from ALL of the input texts.


You just keep diving deeper into menus. But this feature is not a substitute for real iteration. There are, of course, other solutions.

OK, what are they? :slight_smile:

Plugins built by yours truly, perhaps?

Actually, “iteration” might be clue enough. I’ll look into that.


List Shifter, Floppy, etc. I’m just guessing though. You were probably on the right track before. But… if not… Just know that you’re not insane. Bubble is an array oriented language that lacks all required features to really be array-oriented. We should not need loops, but I think they fired the girl who was working on proper iteration. It’s frustrating as that girl was really quite nice.

I purchased Floppy and I downloaded List Shifter and I’ll get into it this week (it looks complicated to me).
@keith is this going to consume my last remaining WU’s?

Of course it will, just checking your WUs consumed the rest of them.

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I mean I’m joking but also not at all at the same time…

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My videos on all this stuff (as well as the in-plugin documentation) are very easy to understand. None of this is particularly complicated. I’ve done all the complicated parts for you. All you have to understand are the concepts.

I’ll be moving away from the platform anyway so it’s a bit like telling an atheist he’s going to hell.

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I appreciate your work @keith, I’ll have a go this week.