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Building Your First Bubble App [9/20] help

Hi Team,
I’m going through your video "Building Your First Bubble App [9/20] video and when I choose all fields for submitting a recipe, the headline = “Input Tell us in one sentence’s value” while setting up the workflow for submitting a recipe.

I am assuming the video hasn’t been updated as I can’t find this. Was this removed and if so, what would be the equivalent? I found inputmultiplineA value but how would I limit this to a shorter length through here?

Thank you for any help to people new to your platform going through your tutorial videos.

Hi there, @seekpeace… I have never worked through that tutorial, but I just watched the video you referenced, and I might be able to help. In the video, they copy the login popup and use the copy to create a form to submit a recipe, however, they don’t show the part where they rename the input elements on the copied popup. Did you create that copy, and do you have a popup that looks like this?

You need to set the Headline field equal to the value of the highlighted input element above. If you didn’t change the placeholder of that input element to “Tell us in one sentence about your dessert”, then you won’t find it in the dropdown the same way they are showing in the video. The bottom line, though, is that you need to set the Headline field equal to that input’s value, and that input probably has a different label in your app.

Anyway, I hope that makes sense, and I hope it helps.


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Hi Mike,
Thank you for the feedback, with your guidance I found the issue and gained a deeper understanding. Thank you very much!!!

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