Single-line input doens't have a 'value' state?

Hi all, I am new to bubble and just wanna test some stuff out…

I immediately run into a problem with the simplest of things: User inputs something in an element (single-line input) and store that data in db. (as in ‘create a new thing’)

Somehow there is no value state of that single line element in the workflow dropdown menu, and i want to store its value.

I’ve tested this with date picker and multiline and it works just fine, so what am I missing here ?
Content format is set correctly for text in the element where I want text and numbers in the others, and they correspond to their fields in the new ‘type’ i want to add.

Hope i explained the problem, as stated I am new to bubble

Hi @matko.micic :wave:
After looking at the screenshot provided
I think you are using Text which is wrong
You need to use input field

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Yeah, that doesn’t look like an Input to me…

Well turns out I am blind as a bat.

I’ve put input elements but didn’t name them, and was trying to assign text value instead of the input value.

My bad everyone :smile:

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