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Built in way to define categorical data types

Adding this feature will not prevent anyone from doing it the way they were doing it before. All the workarounds I’ve seen so far are either time consuming or complex. The method you mentioned may only work for a few (certainly not me) because it can be very confusing - especially in larger, more complex applications.

Hi ,
I posted a very similar request to Bubble more than a year ago.

I think there has been no action on it.

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This is spot on Alex! Maybe heart the my original post as well as Neerja’s to help the bubble team gauge community interest.

@neerja any updates on this? Am aching for enumerated types.

EDIT*: Is neerja still with bubble? Her account doesn’t seem to be valid anymore

@cal and the other Bubble engineers have saved us :slight_smile: we can now do this with Option Sets


Good guess.

She is no longer visible on the staff page

It looks like she stopped at Bubble around October.