Dropdown category help

please how do i populate a dropdown category with the data type i created and the dropdown value should be equal to what user select?

thanks in advance

Hi @alimo5dec,

I changed your Club data type a bit. What you need is a single “Name” field, and then to create a separate Club entry for each club, and fill out its name. See screenshots below. I left your existing fields there, but you wouldn’t need a field for each club. I also updated your dropdown. Let me know if this makes sense.

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working perfectly…thanks a million

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hello Roman. thanks for your help all along. but i ll still need more assistance.

first, I want my users to be able to create their own club. what will be the workflow? is it create a new thing or make changes to thing?

secondly, I lets say i would like a user can perform an action only once a week. for example buy ticket of a club from the options only once within a week, and wont be able to buy same ticket till the following week, how do i go about with such restriction?

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