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Built On Bubble: LegendLockers.Com

Hello Fellow Bubble Users,

We just had the soft beta launch of tonight. I have a lot of features to add in the upcoming days and weeks but wanted to get the ball rolling and work out some kinks. Previously, my site was a monthly mail subscription service for sports card collectors. As you can see, we’ve changed the business model quite a bit.

Thank you to:

Cornell with I have zero artistic ability. Cornell built out the color and design templates for me as a base to use so I could focus on the workflow and business model of the site.

Emmanuel with Bubble. It’s great to see a founder so involved and wired in to his customer’s needs.

Levon with

And of course everyone in the forum… Nigel, etc.

I hope you like the site. Any feedback would be appreciated.



Very nice. Good luck…

Really nice :slight_smile:

Am interested to know how the design templates worked for you.

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Hi Nigel-

Basically they designed buttons and tables. From there I’d copy and adjust them for the different pages or try my best to come close to designing something that matched it.

So did they create one page as a template ?

Nice work!

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I had a bare bones site in place, they gave it a makeover. Then I used the new elements as guides for pages I created afterwards.

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