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Bulk edit when spesific criteria is met

I have a data type called Bookings that have a date field called “deadline”, and a text status field.
When Deadline - Current Day/Time < 0 I want the status field to automaticlly change to “Expired”.
I know I can have a page showing a single Booking that has a “do when”-condition that changes the status field.
However, I would like to have a way to change all the bookings that meet the criteria

What would be the easiest way to achieve this?


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You could …

Set up a scheduled event so that on the deadline date the event runs and updates.

Run something externally (something like Zapier) that triggers an API every day at midnight to update deadlines.

I think there was a thread about it a month or so ago.

Thanks NigelG
Yeah I’ve thought about that, I just hoped there was a slightly better solution for this so that the status field would update realtime.
But I think this solution would work if I have several scheduled triggers every day.

Again, thanks for replying! :smiley:
Btw I’ve learnt lots from your replies on other threads as well. Great contributions to the forum!