Bulk insert timeouts on 100 items

Using bulk create. Got response back that trying to insert more than 1000 when I was trying 1000.
Tried 500, then get 524 timeout error after 99 secs
Tried 100, still get 524 timeout error after 99 secs (why 99?)

Not looking promising to insert large number of records. Any thoughts?

Hi @fred1

The actual failure time in Bubble is normally 5 min. Each plan has its limits. The personal plan is 100 and I have no indication for the hobby plan. You have to try on a smaller value, 10 for example, and loop with ‘Backend Workflows’. With Bubble everything is based on capacity, and precisely to avoid ‘time out’.

Welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:

Thanks John.
I have the professional plan.
The 1000 items seems arbitrary, without knowing record size. I would think it would be payload dependent. I will experiment.

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