API's Create A Thing Doesn't Finish above 10 records - AM I MAXING OUT? WHY?

I’m in Dev Mode with an unpublished financial forecasting app. No users.

I’m using an API to create a fixed no. of new records from a number list. I then API a refresh to calculate various date fields which rely on the initial number list.

I’ve done it this way as for the life of me couldn’t get it to deliver consistent results by running the calculations when the record is first created no matter how many Only When’s I used to control the order of the Actions in the Workflow.

When the no. of new records is <=10 it delivers everything I expect correctly.

When the no. of new records is >10 it doesn’t deliver beyond 10. There’s a few sporadic field values completed above the complete 10 but it doesn’t even create the complete fixed no. let alone finalise the field values.

Ideally I need the app to create / update up to 180 transactions (6 months worth of days).

Am I just maxing out on capacity? I’m hitting 100% for sure on usage when they run. But can’t understand why I get 10 to return but after 10 it’s doesn’t complete even though it appears that the events are appearing in and assume running when I look at the scheduler.

Thanks for any feedback.

P.S. Last test I ran I set the Number List to 60. The API created 37 but only updated the fields of 10 of them on the update API pass.

Are you using complex nested searches among existing records? If you nest things, you can easily go up with 180 x 180 x 180… combinations. It depens from the ‘structure’ of your expressions.

According to documentation, the default is 100 items. https://bubble.io/reference#API.get_api.search_call.pagination

Is this a Bubble API or an external API? Does the API call require you to specify the amount to return? Maybe it’s limiting it to 10 at a time by default unless you specify an amount?