Bullet - Use your phone as a keyboard for desktop PCs. Also send photos & other files to your PC instantly!

Hi Bubblers!

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I’d love to know what you think of my new app, Bullet. It lets you essentially use your phone as a keyboard/text entry for your desktop/laptop PC by letting you type on your phone, send to your PC and then copy-paste from there into any application.

The problem it aims to solve is that some (not all!) people, while working on their PC, do occasionally prefer to type with their phones, rather than their PC, as it lets them take advantage of autocorrect, predictive text and swype-entry - it might not always be faster, but it can feel like it and it also helps if you’re having a bit of a lazy day.

Based on some early feedback, I also added the ability to send photos, video, audio and any other file, helping people get things from their phone to their PC without worrying about iOS/Android/Windows issues, installing companion apps on both devices, or worrying about security issues at work, where you might be prevented from installing applications.

I know the file sharing is very similar to Box/Drive/Dropbox etc, so I think I’ll focus on the text entry as the main USP.

I’d love to know what you think of it!!’



So FWIW - confirmation email never arrived. After a few minutes of waiting I tried logging in. It allowed me to. Once in, I left in about 45 seconds because there was no clear indication of how it worked. I thought it was connected to my phone somehow? Not sure how it works. Typed “hi” into the box from my computer keyboard and hit the plus sign. The text appeared in the terminal looking window below.

Perhaps some sort of explainer tour is in order?

Ohhh… Ok, I think I get it now… after looking at your photo again. You log in on the computer and on your phone. Got it. Makes sense now. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for giving it a go! :slight_smile:

An explainer is a good idea! I’ll definitely implement that.

And did that email ever arrive? It would have come from ’ no-reply@keybord.bubble.io’ and have the subject ‘Bullet email confirmation’.

Thanks again!!! :slight_smile:


No. The email never arrived.

As I think about how I would use this it would only make sense for me sending a file. On my iPhone I can air drop stuff to my Mac. But if I want iPhone stuff on my PC it seems I end up emailing it to myself. At least once a day I’m emailing from iphone to PC.

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Very cool, @mccjon! It’s not for me as I HATE typing on my phone but it’s a neat concept!

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