Busca de Varios Seriais ao mesmo tempo

como faço para fazer uma busca de varios itens ao mesmo tempo usando Inpt Multiline

aqui ficam todos os dados

aqui me mostra se faço uma unica busca

agora se busco mais de um ID que tenho que certeza que ta no banco de dados nao aparece nada , alguem sabe como fazer esse tipo de busca aguardo retorno

Use a constraint in the search where unique id “is in” the list (the list will be the multiline input value split by the delimiter you are using to separate each item).

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In the search button I did this, I put line_break, I put \n and it didn’t work
In the Repeating group I did this too, I put the (is in) I still only search one at a time and I don’t search when I break the lines, my system needs to do several searches at the same time


In the RG make a Do a Search for Produtos and in the constraints remove all you have right now and just put the unique id is in Multiline Input's value split by [delimiter].

Thank you very much, it worked really well , I tried with \n or line_break and it didn’t work, I just pressed the enter key and it worked