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Button does not work because of empty field

Hello Bubblers,

I have a settings section with two sub-sections.
One is for changing Login Email via API to our backend and the second changes the password in the same way via API.

They work as intended when using them seperately. But when the sections are both expanded (not hidden) and I’m trying to press the first button to change email the button does not work and instead mark the first field of password change in red color.

I tried hiding the password section when submitting the button but nothing worked so far. Is there a way to use a button when some fields are empty? Why does this happen when the second fields are not part of the first section?

Im adding 4 screenthots:

View in browser of one section open

View in browser of both sections open

View in designer with both sections as individual group in a parent

Workflow group of button of section 1

My guess is that it’s because each input is setup to not be empty. So when all the fields are visible the button see them as invalid. Try unchecking the can be empty option and putting an only when validation in the workflow to check for a value it the related fields. Hope that helps.


Thanks a lot! That worked like a charm!

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