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"This input should not be empty" option is ignored

I have a popup for new users to create an account that looks like this:

Although I have selected the “This input should not be empty” option for each of the inputs,First Name, Last Name, City, and Country are ignored and the user is able to hit the Submit button and proceed after only filling in the Email, Password and Confirm Password inputs.

Here’s a screen shot of the First Name input which is setup like all the other inputs.

I tried to set focus and this didn’t solve the problem.

Workflow looks like this:

Any help explaining how I can make it so that ALL inputs must be completed before the user is allowed to proceed would be much appreciated.


May need to share a public link to help here, but are all of the fields set to save values when submit is clicked?

Edit: On your actual sign up action, that is. Is every field in the form programmed in that action?

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Thanks for your suggestion, romanmg! Honestly, I am not sure how I missed that. I found it, and added the other inputs. I ran into a “Sorry, you do not have permissions to modify this” error, but I searched the forum and found Emmanuel’s posting at [New Feature] Auto-binding inputs which helped me resolve that issue.

Now I am getting an error that is telling me the two passwords don’t match, even though I have verified they do. I did a search for this issue on the forum but can’t find anything so Ill post it as a new issue.

Thanks so much for your help and I hope you have a nice weekend!

@darylgibson Hi! Would you be willing to upload a screenshot of this workflow? I am having the same problem where a user does not need to choose a radio button in sign up even though the “this item should not be empty” is clicked.


Here’s an example of the workflow required so that all fields are mandatory. I set it so that the join button ISNOT visible but you can also make it not clickable as well.

I haven’t tried this, but does it matter if the inputs/radios are in the same group as the submit button?


Edit: I see what you’re saying but you can explicitly apply that conditional formatting to the button itself (instead of the group).

Hi tmuelle1. In response to your request for screenshots of the workflows, here they are. I hope they help…

Thank you @darylgibson and @dylan.phillipslevine and @potentialthings!!