Button not working in RG when RG is hidden on page load?

I’ve created a “custom” search bar using an Input, Search & Autocorrect Plugin, and a RG. The RG is hidden on page load, when the Input is focused, RG is visible and shows image / text and a button in each group that dynamically updates based on results returned from Search & Autocorrect when user is typing in the Input.

When the button is clicked, it starts a simple workflow to just navigate the user to the page they are on, but pass current cells info.

For some reason, this button / workflow does not work when the RG is hidden on page load. In the debugger, everything works properly up until the button is “clicked” when nothing happens - the debugger doesn’t recognize that there was a click.

When the exact same setup is loaded with the only change being that the RG is visible on page load, everything works properly in the exact same way and when a button is clicked, it properly initiates the workflow and executes without issue.

I can’t seem to figure out why this won’t work when the only change is making the RG hidden on page load? Any insight here or suggestions would be very helpful! Thank you!

I’m unsure why, but it looks like you can’t successfully use a condition to show a RG and have the buttons still function. In order to make this work, there needs to be a button connected to a workflow that shows the group and then buttons work properly, while if the RG shows based on the condition of the input being focused, the buttons do not work.

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