Search & AutoCorrect input must be clicked for workflow to start

I am using Search an autoCorrect plugin on a RG and everything works well, but the behaviour is that I must click the Enter button / click out side the input field / Click tab.

I can only guess it’s some settings I am missing.

BTW - I have the same need when I am using another input, on another page, which create a new thing when I paste a URL into the input. Everything works well, but what I mentioned above.

Hi @amirt,
You can make use of a custom state.
When a search button is clicked, a custom state will be set. Then the search and autocorrect plugin will receive a search prompt from the custom state.

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Sorry for the late response!
I am using Fuzzy search and add a condition to the RG. Use this video which make the differnt Fast Fuzzy Search | Tutorial - YouTube
It didn’t helped me with the URL issue, but in this use-case I used button which even makes the UX better