Button outside the Repeating Group

I’m having an issue. I created a Repeating Group that pulls up the list of products I have available. I created some custom states to add and subtract quantity and added the “keep shopping” button. On this button, I would like to include the dropdown value and quantity in the “cart” database, but when I create a workflow, I can’t find the elements. Is there a way to select these elements in the workflow through a button outside the Repeating Group?

The Dropdown value doesn’t come from the database, I created the list directly in the element.

When I move the button inside the Repeating Group, I can select it in the Workflow and can do everything.

I’d be happier than a kid in a candy store if you could help me out!

I think you will need to store the value in Custom State first to pass the value outside the repeating group.

Guys, I was able to complete the task using the orchestra-repeating-group plugin.