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What I’m trying to achieve seems like it should be super basic. I’d like the elements in the group (icon & text) to change colour when hovered, as if it’s a button. I used a group for this as I couldn’t see a way of doing it with the regular button element.

On the example video it sort of works, but you can see I have to explicitly go over the text for it to change colour. I didn’t do anything with the icon yet. But guessing the same thing would happen with that too - I’d actually have to hover over the icon itself to change colour - instead of hovering the group as a whole.

Please tell me where I’m going wrong.

group them then set conditions for the icon and text “When group (name) is hovered, change color”

Hi Grace, thank you for responding. They’re already in a group. When I select ‘when this group ‘is hovered’’, I don’t see options for the icon and text.

Edit the conditions for the icon and text separately.
So give your text the condition. If parent group is hovered …

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as klaas said. check this video how to set it up

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Thank you Klaas and @grace.hallak for you help. Much appreciated!

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