Button with Icon and text change color on hover

I have searched high and low and I can’t see a way to make a button with Icon + text be able to change background and text color on hover. A simple example in the wild is the “New Topic” button here on this forum.
This is the default state
This is the on hover state where the background and text color on the icon and text have changed.

This basic design convention that makes an application look professional does not seem to be possible on Bubble. Can anyone explain how to do this or should this be an enhancement request?

Bubble has many tutorials.
This is a very basic question.
Did you spend time studying them?

You just need to set a condition to change your style/colors as soon as your group is hovered…

Yes I do spend time studying the tutorials but I haven’t viewed that one, so thanks for that…
Sorry, but I don’t think that answers my question. The group Conditional only operates on the Group’s background color, not the button and the icon.

But your icon can operate regarding the group.

When the group is hovered, your icon color changes to red.

Just set this condition in your icon.

Ah thanks, I didn’t realize an element’s conditional could be triggered by an action on another element.

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