Button text isnt visible

I have added text to show on button and the text is invisible.
What could be the reason?


This is the button configuration:

Probably, Color of text and button is same.

Yeh… or the height of the button maybe. Sometimes it just needs to be increased depending on the text size.

Yeah, that as well. So, did increasing the height /width of the button solve your problem?

@pork1977gm @tanejachirag19 I tried to investigate it.
this button was defined that when clicked it should do delete request via api connector.In configuration of api connector there is initialization with valueid which doesnt longer exist since it was deleted(it was added as default value only for initialization purpose),which probably makes the error 404 that i see after all page is loaded (which this button part of it)/ or error 403.
It looks like the title wont be shown in case there is error.