Buttons, Inputs all are disabled

Hi everyone
In my mobile app, all buttons all inputs everything is disabled I mean i can’t click anything or type (in all pages)
for one page i copied all workflows create new group paste it and it worked but I want to find out the reason that problem is coming from
does anyone had the same issue ever?!
Thanks in advance

Do you have a header in a reusable element with a very big height that might be layered on top of all your page elements?

Thanks for your answer
The thing is like that
I have the Group (X) inside it RG and inside of it a Group again, when group X is checked as “This element is visible on page load” this thing happens (NOT ABLE TO CLICK ANYTHING which is normal) but if I uncheck it after moving to this group nothing shows and displays, is it a bug or I made some mistake?!
Thanks in advance!