Buttons Become Unclickable - Responsive

Hello everyone,

Tonight as I was working on my application, I noticed that buttons were becoming unresponsive when certain reusable elements were enabled.

I first came to these forums and found that others were having the same issues. I continued to play with this and found the solution in my case. I figured it would be worth sharing in case others are having the same problem. For what it’s worth, my page is responsive.

Within the reusable element that was displayed, I had an element that was spanning beyond the width of the parent group my reusable element was nested in. I had hard-coded in a pixel count that was larger than the permissions for the parent group of the reusable element. When the reusable element became visible, that element was expanding beyond the parent group and across the page although the inspector wasn’t showing the element when hovering over the areas.

Once I corrected this element (for me it was a text element), I found my application going back to the desired functionality.

Hope this helps someone down the road!