Buy/Offer Platform DEV Needed!

Hi, looking for someone to give me a quote for a simple bid, buy marketplace build. Need to install an api plugin, as well as someone that can help me a little with the design. I would use a pre-made template, but the reviews say that they dont do a good job, because they arent responsive.

Let me know thanks!

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Hello Jtash! Hope you are doing great. I can develop marketplace for you

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$400-600 quote without knowing full scope for a marketplace with bidding, fully custom built no template.



You cracked the code then dude…you found a way to quote projects without knowing full scope and doing builds for less than a select few peoples hourly rate. Not to mention the avg hourly rate on bubble is $92/hr

Teach me your ways. :raised_hands:


USD 25k$ would do.


Yes i can do it and we can negotiate about price later if you are interested feel free to contact

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Hi. To filter out potential candidates, I’d suggest you create a form that insists on the applicant to give you their references, contact info, and portfolio. Otherwise, you’ll get a bunch of pointless replies and people who are trying to play with your coin.

  • Good luck.

(Don’t ask me I’m busy with other clients/apps)


Hey, I’m open to discuss this thoroughly with you. I’d love to work on this with you and having dealt with similar app I really think we can make it work together. Connect with me to discuss you project idea, happy to consult!

Who made that estimate?

2nd comment wajahatpunk, edited it out of his comment then DM’d me saying his hourly rate is $5/hr so he over bid it.

Got it…5$/hour sounds really few…

Hi jtash. Sorry about the quality of responses you’ve had so far. I’d be open to discussing your project in a bit more depth on a call. If you’d like to chat, here’s my calendar:

After booking, you’ll receive an email which shows all of my previous project from the last few months.

Thanks and chat soon,

Hey @jtash7777!

If you still need help with your marketplace app, would love to discuss it. Feel free to schedule a call with me at Calendly - Paul Beresuita

You can also find more here of my Bubble studio -

Also, you can peek at some templates we’ve put together here: Template Store