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I have an external database that will connect to my bubble app via an api. I am building a file/image/video storage app. I do not want to limit the size of file the users upload. Is there an uploader with no max? Uploadcare is cool, but they want to store the data and for privacy and security reasons that’s not an option for me. Any ideas?

Getting your private Amazon S3 seems like the move. Bubble has a new uploader that allows files over 50mb, (I think the max is 5gb?), but this may not be large enough for your needs. Uppy pro allows uploads over 50mb. Have you checked out the Amazon S3 uploader plugin from @ZeroqodeTeam?

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I’ll check it out, my plan was to use Google cloud services for the DB?

How much experience do you have with bubble? It can certainly be done, but it’s coloring outside the lines IMO. Not sure if I would attempt using 3rd party db for my first (or 2nd) app :slight_smile:

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Outstanding advice and I agree 100%. I am an old Bubble’er dating back to 2018 haha! I currently have one Bubble app posting and getting to and from a Google Cloud DB. The file size isn’t an issue with the current app.

Me too :slight_smile:
If you are OK using bubble’s built-in storage plan, then using the >50mb uploader would make a lot of sense to get going right away. Plugging Uppy Pro for this. Its an easy lift.

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