File Uploader Limit & S3 Storage


There are 2 things I need to make my project a reality and that is allowing us to use our own S3 Storage bucket because I need my video files to be only available embeded on my website using a bucket policy and secure enough that when someone trying to hack my site finds the url to the video and tries to go onto the link it will stop them from accessing the file.

I also would like to find some way to have a file uploader that allows for a file size more than 50mb since I’ll getting my users to upload video files that are larger than 50mb.

I hope somehow I can work this out.

The plugin architecture of Bubble would permit this

From the docs

uploadContent: function(fileName: String, contents: Base64 String, callback: function(err, url), [attachTo])
attachTo: optional parameter to attach the file to. It has to be a thing in Bubble

(My own 2 cents now :smile:)
You can attach the file to a thing in Bubble and give the appropriate “permissions” to the thing to prevent unauthorized access to the file

Here is a solution that we have just published File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode

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