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Calculated field value on backend workflow DB insert


I’m stuck on how to deal with Bubble on this matter that seems to be simple indeed.
I fetch data from api call and i want to insert things into the DB with a calculated field value based on data field retreived by using a simple formula as you can see on the screen below. I got all the maths operators

But nothing that allow me to deal with a simple formula like this Total profit = (profit)/(balance-profit) with parenthesis.
Any help would be appreciated as i’m not able to find the way to deal with this matter.

Have you tried using math operators in the expression?

To use math expression, you need to use parenthesis. A+B*C is not the same as (A+B)*C. Maths is not the problem as there are lots of expression, the issue is Parenthesis in the backend worflow that is not possible which is a complete mess.

Bubble is quite limited in the calculations it can do natively - you’ll need to find a server-side calculator plugin. Something like this:

Have you tried the Toolbox plugin by @mishav ?

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