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New Plugin: Easily Calculate Math Expressions

Hi everyone!

I’ve noticed how math calculations can be a little challenging in Bubble - even if it is a simple ordered calculation that makes use of brackets. This plugin is for those who’d like a simple way to implement math that can’t be evaluated directly in Bubble.

Plugin Page: Complex Math Expression Calculator Plugin | Bubble
Editor: Blur-apps-playground | Bubble Editor


  1. In the Editor, find the ‘Math Calculator’ element in your Visual Elements and add it to your Bubble App

  2. In the properties of this element, assign the input Expression by building a text in the form of a mathematical expression.
    This expression can include operators like +, -, /, *, ( ) brackets and more.
    It will also accept boolean expression operators like ||, &&, ^, ! and more.
    The expression can also include data from dynamic sources. For example, 1+(Do a Search for Users:count *3) is a valid expression and will take the value of the Bubble dynamic data and calculate with it.

  3. Now you can make use of the results of this calculation in an element for displaying or calculations.
    For example, WHEN MathCalculator A's Number Result > 3 is a valid expression for any element’s conditional properties.
    And 3*MathCalculator A's Number Result is a valid expression for displaying visual elements like Text, Buttons, etc.

Some good use cases are checkout pages, repeating groups displaying complex dynamic values, etc.

Hope this helps!