Calendar booking/aggregation app

I am looking to build an MVP for a calendar aggregation/combination app, where I will use three different team/resource calendars to determine the availability of a specific service call.

The three calendars are R&D team, Business Development and Meeting room availability. The client can choose what type of discussion they are looking to schedule, and it is online of local.

If the meeting is a project scope discussion then they should only see the times open in both the team calendars for R&D and BizDev together.
And if the selected topic is functional requirements they will see availability for R&D team calendar.

On top of this, if they choose on-site meeting they will only see the slots where there is availability on the meeting rooms as well. If it is on-line we don’t care about this.

For the MVP we only need a notification on the booked time and resources, and an admin can make a reservation in the calendars of individual people. But eventually I need something capable of posting an event to calendars also. (I haven’t thought about the logic for accessing individual calendars yet…)

Does anyone have experience with a similar setup, and can make some recommendations on plugins and/or external calendar solutions like GCal, AirCal++? Ideally something that is stable enough to go beyond MVP.

Here is one example of integrating gcal with bubble

And a booking example not using google

I don’t think so exactly what you’re looking for. We could try to put together an example of how to incorporate several different availabilities.

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@boston85719 has a template that does just that (I think?), and @jared.gibb’s calendar plugin is pretty cool…I think the combo of the two would get you up and running pretty quickly :slight_smile:


@t.a.danielsen @equibodyapp is correct that I have a template that can do this.

I’ve built the most complete clone of Calendly for booking meetings with users which uses availability set by the user and cross checks booked meetings to create a list of available time slots on the day they want to book a meeting.

Because of the methods utilized to generate the available time slots is quite flexible, it is possible to customize this to also use Google Calendar events in consideration of availability, as well as customize it to check against multiple users, however, it is not currently set up to do so.

I have also just released another great scheduling template that is built with the sole purpose of booking meetings with various users (multiple schedules) by checking their connected google calendars. Once the desired dates and times are chosen the system checks all selected uses Google Calendars to create a complete list of available time slots across the dates chosen.

It has just been released and you can find the forum post HERE and the template is on the marketplace.

For your use case I believe the newest template would be most suitable as the R&D team, Business Development and Meeting room could all have Google Calendars associated and it will make for a very lightweight but powerful meeting scheduler.

The template was built with integration into existing projects in mind, so the integration process is not too difficult. There are some custom date range picker and time picker that could be swapped out to cut down on integration time.


For anyone still looking for a plugin that helps with booking, you might want to check the following: