Offering scheduling saas - B2C- Any advice is appreciated!

Hello all, I’m new to Bubble :wave:

I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to give each of my saas users a unique calendar to manage scheduling for their small businesses. Then they would also need to show availability on a scheduling marketplace for their individual customers.

It seems like Full Calendar doesn’t work in this fashion. Does something like this exist on Bubble, or am I missing that it’s possible to create from scratch?

I have no coding experience and am trying to stay scrappy but I’ve been searching for a long time for a solution…


You can use Bubble to do this. In general, you would create a Bubble application where a User can login and set their schedule.

You would also have a page in the app with a Full Calendar plugin on it. The calendar plugin is just a tool to show a calendar which you then fill in with data from your Application (in this case schedule availability). The data that fills this calendar can be User specific, so that it only shows a certain User’s schedule depending on the URL.

Hope this helps get you started

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Thanks this is really helpful!