Calendar entry in index page doesnt show same info in the next page

Website is similar to Airbnb format. Check-in date/time and check-out date/time on the index page. When putting in the check-in date/time, it reflects well on the search page. However, for the check-out date/time it doesnt and I am doing the same thing as for the Check-in.

Any advice?

@ebento - hard to tell w/out looking at the design but a couple things come to mind.

1)Is your “Goto page” in your workflow sending the data to the next page of the check-out date/time?
2) Is the data type of your check-out date/time and the group that’s displaying the data on the next page the same?

If you’re sending the Check-in date/time successfully but having issues with Check-out date/time, seems like there’s something not quite setup correctly with Check-out date/time.

Thank you Nikolai, I got it solved!!

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