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Dates passed through URL, result in different time once saved in database

Hi everyone,

I have the following problem:
A user select 2 Dates/times from a typical date picker (1 start and 1 end date). Then these 2 dates are sent through URL as date parameters to a check out page. Until here no problem, I display the dates in a text element and everything is matching with the initial dates and times. However when the user confirm the dates and send these dates (as URL paramaters) in the DB, the times are not the same. I always get 5hours difference… So frustrating as I can see the dates in the debugger window matching but in my DB are different.

I’ve seen that by ‘‘receiving’’ the URL dates parameters in a date picker instead of text element, and replacing the url parameter value by the date picker value in the workflow, the time will display the same in the DB…
Any explanation to that or this is a bug?

Thanks in advance.
Please find the screenshot below for reference:

This sounds like a timezone issue. While displaying the data/time, add a :format option and set your timezone.

The database stores the date/time data as a UNIX timestamp and displays it as per the default GMT timezone.

Thank you for your answer.
I am missing something… Why by using date picker, the times values are saved as they were picked at the beginning of the process described and using text element they are not.
The dates format are the same. If it was due to a timezone issue I would have the same difference in the database as they are saved in both cases in the same format without options.

Thank you

Please, refer to following screenshot.