Calendar is slow


My calendar displays a series of events. At this moment there are 25 events per week.
The calendar takes a super long time to load. Any ideas to speed it up?


Is this a calendar you made yourself, or some plugin?

This is the standard Bubble calendar

Yeah the standard calendar is notorious for being slow, hence why I’d advise you to use the AirCalendar plugin by @seanhoots. It’s an updated version of FullCalendar - the same calendar service that the Bubble calendar runs on but much faster and gives more opportunities for customisation.

It seems a good alternative but I like the free alternatives :wink:

Well hate to break it to ya, but the current free alternatives won’t solve your problems.

Have you tried this post?

sounds interesting! thanks for all the respons. Will try to use it and implement a week view. Nice video’s by the way!

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Hope it helps. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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