Custom calendar for bookings

Hi, does anyone have any experience creating a custom calendar using “toolbox” or something similar and using the calendar as a booking option for end-users?

What I want is custom styling on the calendar and a calendar that allows to connect to a listing and the calendar will be used for end-users to book the listing based on listings availability.

Any good suggestions for this or how can I make this from scratch using “toolbox” or something similar, thanks :slight_smile:

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Have a look at this

Hey Anders,

This thread has a lot of info about creating a calendar using a repeating group. Based on this thread there was even a plugin created (go to page test_plugin to see an example and ignore the color :grinning:).

Maybe it is an option to color the day based on the timeslots available and allow users to click on it. When they click on it you can show a popup with available timeslots for that day together with the option to book a certain timeslot.

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