Calendar Popup Date Picker display

I am developing a shift scheduling/confirmation app, and when I click on a Calendar Date, I want the date/time picker to at least reflect the date I clicked, not the today’s.

Any suggestions/guidance how to make this happen?

Can you show how you set up the calendar and how you set up the workflow?

Its currently setup just like the Bubble “How To Build A Google Calendar” Guide. So it just basic, when the user clicks a calendar day it opens the pop-up to create event.

Give this video a watch:

The day that I click on.
When creating a new event, the day that I click on, I would like that date to be reflected in the date picker(s). Today is 12/15/20, when I click on 12/20/20, I would like the date picker(s) to reflect 12/20/20, not today’s date of 12/15/20

@ben4, Thanks for that, I followed the steps, and when the popup opens the dates for the start and end dates are reflecting for today, not the date selected.

I took what you showed on the workflow, and used it on the date/time picker for displaying the calendar’s selected date. It displays now, with what I wanted, without that step in the workflow.

Thank you for the help, much appreciated.

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