Calendar Questions

Hey guys,

So I’m using the basic Full Calendar plugin and have a few questions with it.

First off, why does the event time show an “a” next to the time? (as seen below)


Second, I want to a condition where if an event has been clicked, it will register as seen and change color. If an event is new and hasn’t been clicked, it will show up as a red color.

I had it to work with the conditions within the calendar but there are two issues I can’t work around.

  1. The colors of the event doesn’t save. I can have the event change color when it has been clicked but once the page is refreshed, it comes back to the original color (which is red, illustrating that it hasnt been clicked before) How can I have the colors saved so the user will always know which event has already been checked and which one is new?
  2. I can’t have the events show up as seperate colors, connected to the question above, I can’t have a clicked event and a non-clicked event show up as different colors.

Currently I have a field within the booking data type (where all the bookings that the calendar will show as events is stored) that is a yes/no field where it dictates whether the event has been seen. I also have a workflow where if the event is clicked, it will change the field from “no” to “yes” to dictate that the event has been seen and will therefore change color.

The overall goal is to have a calendar that shows events that haven’t been clicked and events that have been, both with their respective colors.

Thank you

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